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Firma este: Distribuitor, Engrosist, Detailist, Intermediar
Str. DN 65B 469
Albota, judetul Arges
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Tel: 0740 093 720
Persoana de contact: Claudiu Odoroaga

C.F.: RO13207378
R.C.: J03/324/2000
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VADCRIS GROUP TRADING S.R.L. is a company built in year 2000 in Pitesti - Arges, a city in which the industry of components, spare parts and car accessories has a national and international importance. Our company is launched in the import and national distribution of car accessories, car care products and also of picnic, camping and sport products. The national area we cover, the services we offer, the developed range of products we have and the business relationships we have managed to establish with our actual clients – made our Company be agreed by the clients, being an important supplier who has clients networks, service national networks and other categories of clients. Nowadays, our company collaborate with over 2500 clients - this representing a total of 3600 national sale points, business collaboration through which advantageous relationships had been developed between us and our partners, all these as a result of our services quality and of the products we offer. Our main clients are the gas station networks like: Petrom-OMV, Petrom V, Rompetrol, Lukoil, AGIP, Rafo, private or franchise gas stations, national networks of auto dealers like: Dacia, Toyota, Skoda, Fiat, Hypermarkets, Supermarkets networks like: Selgros, Real, Kaufland, Baumax, Plus Discount, Trident, Pic, Artima, Unicarm, local or regional distributors and many other traditional clients of our company from all over Romania territory. For the development of our activity we benefit by a professional young team formed of around 63 people (Sales Managers, Area Supervisors, Area Representatives, Sales Agents, TESA staff, delivery employees, distribution drivers etc) and we have our own solid Logistics. The offer of our company, VADCRIS GROUP TRADING, consists of a very complete range of products, which has been developing all the time, being made up of worldwide brands, regularly imported / supplied from our stable partners from Germany, France, Spain, England, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Checz Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Bulgaria, Turkey, China, Taiwan, Romania - well known brands represented by our company, exclusively for the Romanian market like: BEST4CAR, XENUM, PRISMA, JOKER, LANDMANN, SEGA, BIOLINE, KRAWEHL, MAX VISION, INGERECO, MATRIX, SUMEX, KAJA, KUFIETA, PERALUX, AUTOPRACTIC, AEROBION, RACE SPORT, X-SPORT, X-TREND, CARTECH, SINTEROM, ROMCARBON and many others, car accessories which are meant for the interior and the exterior of the car: bulbs, maintenance and repairing accessories, Premium additives and foams, car cosmetics, auto consumables, picnic, camping and sport products. The items are produced in conformity with the International Standards, in the European Union and not only this, but also the fact that they have all the necessary Homologation documents for us to be able to sell them in Romania, as well as Quality, Conformity and Guaranty Certificates for all the products which require these documents. The ratio \"quality - price\" offered by our Company, adapted to the Romanian market, is one of the best, being offered together with the whole pack of services which our Company offers to all its clients. The very good ratio \"quality-price\" of the products - offered together with the pack of services consists in: - the initiation, recommendation and description of each product in the offer; - the offer for free racks, samples and catalogues; - our clients\' training concerning in how to expose and sell our products; - the taking over of the orders by our Company\'s representatives from each client or sale point, weekly or in accordance with the signed contracts, no matter what area or county, \"WHEREVER\" in Romania; - the recommendation of the Company\'s representatives about how the products should be exposed on the shelves, depending on their importance and rotation speed; - the prompt delivery with our own means of transport, \"WHEREVER - WHENEVER\" in Romania; - the development of the types of products with the same usage; - the development of the products together with all their Homologation Documents, as well as with their Quality and Conformity Certificates, those being in   conformity with the laws in force; - the change of all the products which have production blemishes or of those which are in guaranty \"Wherever - Whenever\"; - the elasticity of demand of the commercial conditions; together with our Company\'s Motto \"WHEREVER - WHENEVER\" make us believe in the slogan: \"BE THE BEST!\"

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